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The Baker Tilly Learning and Development team will work alongside your team to advance your company’s maturity through a range of tailored training programs, both public and in-house. 

Baker Tilly provides training solutions tailored to companies in and outside of the financial services sector. In addition, we also provide on-going compliance coaching. 

With increasing pressure from the local and international regulators together with the reputational threats and fines being levied require companies to adopt a regular framework of training solutions.  Our specialist Learning and Development team will embed training at the forefront of your company’s framework and ensure that our tailored training solutions meets our clients’ needs together with the regulator’s governance requirements. 

Together we will create a culture of development that will support your company with its business strategy and achieve compliance with international standards. 

Why train with us? 

  • Learn how to manage your compliance.¬†
  • Address and close any capability gaps.¬†¬†
  • We create training programs that is unique to your organization‚Äôs specific needs.¬†¬†
  • We enable your employees to play an active role in their career development.¬†

The training solutions 

All training solutions offered at Baker Tilly are MQA approved, CPD pointed and HRDC refundable. We conduct training solutions in respect of: 

  • AML / CFT compliance¬†¬†
  • IFRS¬†¬†
  • FATCA and CRS¬†
  • Corporate Governance¬†
  • Taxation¬†
  • GDPR / Data Protection compliance¬†
  • HR Consulting¬†
  • Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain
  • Audit¬†
  • Corporate Finance¬†
  • Enterprise Transformation¬†
  • Risk Assurance¬†
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