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With increasing pressure from the local and international regulators together with the reputational threats and fines being levied require companies to adopt a regular framework of compliance governance.    

The Regulatory Compliance team of experts assist your company negotiate risk, improve your governance performance and realize your potential within the unique and dynamic environment in which your company operates.  Our worldwide and local specialists come together to deliver regulatory compliance governance under the following domains: 

AML / CFT compliance 

We help you protect your company from Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing issues and ensure that you meet your investors’ and regulators’ governance expectations.  


Our specialist team provide assistance, managing the complete conversion process for our non-audit clients, ensuring that they have the resources they need, for the period that they need it.  

Corporate governance 

At Baker Tilly we forge deep partnerships with executive management, audit committees and board members to help companies improve their governance processes, comply with regulations, embed risk management programs and strengthen information technology to support corporate governance. This allows the executive team to focus on expanding shareholder value and seizing opportunities with a data driven, risk-based approach. 


To help your company prepare and successfully implement FATCA and CRS regulations with a minimum impact on your business model, Baker Tilly has a network of FATCA and CRS specialists who assist financial institutions meet their common reporting obligations.  

GDPR / data protection 

Our specialist Data Privacy team can undertake the role of Project Manager of a client's GDPR plan. The key benefit to our customers, revolves around the confidence we can bring to the implementation process, in relation to agreed deadlines and budgets, through scope, task and team management. 

Cryptocurrencies & blockchain 

Learn how your company is affected by this technology and how audit and control requirements will evolve to deal with this new technological era.

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