Risk Assurance

Internal Audit 
Our Internal Audit assists with the efficiency of operations and the reliability of financial reporting. It acts as a safeguard against fraud, protects your assets, and makes sure you are in compliance with laws and regulations. 

Information System Audit 
Our Information System Audit performs a health check on your IT environment. We can recommend IT controls on your existing IT system. This reduces the risk of human errors associated with manual checking. 

ISAE 3402 
ISAE 3402 helps you earn the trust of your clients. It is seen as a certification on the robustness of your controls.

Forensic Audit 
Our Forensic Audit distinguishes among facts, suspicions and fiction. This provides insight on business disputes and allegations of fraud. 

Internal Audit Services 

An Internal Audit is a continuous assessment to improve the robustness of your controls. We help you achieve your business goals by analysing your processes, identifying problems, and recommending solutions. 

Why do you need Internal Audit? 

Protect your assets 

Reliable financial reporting 

Compliance with laws and regulations 

Safeguarding against fraud 

For good governance 

Alignment of policies & procedures